How it all Started – BEBAK.

Bodybuilding and fitness has been our chosen sport for over 40 years and from the very first time we grabbed a barbell back in the late 1970’s a lifelong love of the sport was born. Back then there was only one gym in our town and this was our mecca, a small Victorian building packed with free weights and homemade scary looking machines, freezing cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer. The flaky plaster walls covered with pictures of Arnold, Franco and green mould, rusty plates, odd shaped dumbells, benches made from wood and what looked like giant train wheels on the leg press machine but we loved it!

Back then we both trained here and although our paths never crossed then (well I don’t think they did) years later we would end up being husband and wife and reminiscing about those great early days back in the old Power Station Gym. The golden era of bodybuilding that is now thought to have been the 70’s and 80’s was a time when the stars of bodybuilding were born, Arnold, Tom Platz, Frank Zane, Racheal Mclish, Cory Everson and the names roll on….

This magical time in bodybuilding has a special place in our hearts and souls and we hope that this is reflected in our range of bodybuilding and fitness clothing BEBAK. Poor fitting clothing can hide even the greatest physique, so we have designed a complete new range of original gym wear with distinctive designs and great cut garments that will help you show off all the hard work we know you put in the gym week after week. From our retro range including the iconic Arnold UAB t shirts to the very latest Viking Warrior hoodies we are sure that you will love wearing these as much as we loved creating them for you. Inspired by the greatest movie quote of all time and spoken by the greatest bodybuilder of all time Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator our brand was born with the iconic one liner… ‘I will BEBAK’